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How to Build Meaningful Relationships with Experts in Your Niche

Well hello there! I just published a new post over at Successful Blogging Called How to Build Meaningful Relationships with Experts in Your Niche Comments and shares are rolling in... And am positive you’ll fall deeply in love with this post because  it explains step by step how to build relationship with power users. Go read the post. [...]

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On writing, Dreams And The Desire To Stay Alive And Be Happy

Tired, aren't you?  Tired of the noise, the advice and everything else everyone has to say. You are practically fed up with with all the lies going around the blogosphere. Deep down, you are called out to be a writer, yes, you know you have that calling, you know you have a dream. But somehow, [...]

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The Dumb Bloggers Guide To Blogging Popularity, Traffic and Fame

Quick question! Ever wished to get behind the world's most influential blogs? You wish you can be given an opportunity to peep into their most technically kept secret. And yes, you wish you know what they know. Because, truly, You’ve implemented all the blog traffic tips thrown at you. You’ve done all but nothing seems [...]

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The Stupidly Simple Guide to Massive Traffic: Free Report

I have a confession to make! Some months ago, I had an epiphany, jumped on Facebook and asked a simple question that got my Facebook wall flooded with notifications. Here’s the question: Who wants instant traffic? Well, I woke up the next morning with handful of likes and comments, so I quickly ask interested folks [...]

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How To Be Remembered By Your Readers (Even If You Aren’t a Pro Blogger )

Where am I? You are in a funeral room. You are dead. You were involved in a ghastly accident. You hit a truck loaded with pipes and your body was brought here. What do you mean? Am not dead. Am sorry, its painful but true... there is nothing I can do. You were pronounced dead [...]

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