BravoCon 2022: Raquel Leviss And Tom Schwartz Skirt Around Romance Rumors

The reality TV world was shocked when Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney divorced. If those two crazy kids couldn't make it, what chance was there for Hollywood's other fame-seeking sweethearts? Schwartz and Maloney's split seemed to cause a rift in the Vanderpump cast as they took differing sides. However, it appears Raquel Leviss was firmly #TeamTom.

Maloney quickly proved she was moving on from Schwartz in a big way. The couple was involved in a toxic and codependent relationship since Season 1 of "Vanderpump Rules," with many breakups and makeups. But Maloney made it clear there was no chance of reconciliation this time around. Meanwhile, Schwartz was allegedly back to his old ways, using SUR as his personal Tinder. "Yes my heart aches but I'll be ok," he wrote in an emotionally charged Instagram post on March 2022. "Not looking to evoke any sympathy here." Which is just as well because Maloney didn't have any for him. In addition to initiating the split, she immediately placed their house for sale. Maloney posted a pic of the recently sold bare property in June 2022. "I'm going to miss coming home," she wrote.

"Love you, Bub," Schwartz concluded his post. "Always and forever, you'll be in my heart." However, time is clearly subjective in the SUR world, as Schwartz allegedly made out like a bandit with Leviss just months later. When asked to serve the dalliance dish during BravoCon 2022, Leviss and Schwartz totally skirted around the romance rumors.

Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz allegedly got it on in Mexico

Despite the many tears, tantrums, and shock exits at SUR, there was always one constant — the Toms' bromance. Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz's friendship has weathered many a storm along the way and survived to tell the many tales, well, usually at least. Sandoval and Schwartz were uncharacteristically schtum when asked to spill on the romance rumors involving Schwartz and Raquel Leviss — as was she, not surprisingly.

According to a reporter from The List, during the "Vanderpump Rules" panel at BravoCon: 2022, the coworkers skirted around questions involving any alleged liaisons. Leviss simply told reporters, "I'm single, and I'm living my life." Clearly, as both Scheana Shay and Sandoval said, Leviss was the cast member with next season's juiciest storyline. Per People, Leviss broke off her engagement to James Kennedy in January. Meanwhile, following his divorce from Katie Maloney, Schwartz was single and ready to mingle.

So, when the unhitched hotties collided at Shay's marriage in Mexico, there was allegedly mucho amor under the sizzling sun. And apparently, Leviss has zero remorse over breaking the girl code. "She has no regrets," a source told Us Weekly. "Katie is the one [who left Schwartz]. Whatever he does with another girl is none of her business." Meanwhile, when asked by a fan, "Why would you make out with a cast mate at a wedding in Mexico?" Schwartz kept it zipped but did mouth and gesture to "text me."