How Much Has Meghan Markle Spent On Clothes Since Quitting The Royal Family?

It seems like no matter what Meghan Markle does, all eyes are on her. No stranger to the spotlight, the former actor and current public figure, wife, and mother has opinions on her every action, despite choosing to take a step back from everything in the past year. She and her husband, Prince Harry, gave up their royal duties officially in February 2021, per the Associated Press, and have chosen to live a slightly more private life with their two children, Archie and Lilibet. 

Despite giving up their royal affiliation, though, Harry and Meghan have still made a number of public appearances in the past year, primarily to continue their activism. The two have poured time and energy into their Archewell Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to bringing people together and fostering change in communities around the world. The couple also appeared at the Global Citizen concert in New York in September 2021 to advocate for vaccine availability for everyone and to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Meghan made a handful of other appearances in 2021 for causes she cares about and to pop up in her husband's work as well. Long story short, Meghan has done some impactful work in 2021 — and had a baby — and yet we're here to talk about the price tag on her 2021 wardrobe.

Meghan Markle's 2021 wardrobe reportedly cost around $78,000

The Daily Mail analyzed all the outfits Meghan Markle wore publicly in 2021 to see how much it all cost. The outlet estimates Meghan's wardrobe to be around £58,388, which, with the current exchange rate, comes out to $78,697. This figures in all the outfits and jewelry that were easily identifiable at Meghan's public appearances — including events, magazine shoots, and TV appearances. The Daily Mail was also quick to point out that Meghan's wardrobe price was higher than that of her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Kate's wardrobe reportedly came out to £48,000 or $64,696. The Daily Mail also pointed out that Meghan's wardrobe in 2021 cost more than her 2020 wardrobe despite the fact that she stepped back from public appearances, writing, "This is despite the fact that the public have seen Meghan less this year compared to last, due to the fact she has no official royal duties and her maternity leave after giving birth to her daughter Lilibet in June."

What this doesn't factor in is the possibility that some of this wardrobe may have been gifted by designers. Also, this calculates jewelry, which are usually investment pieces that are worn for years. And while Meghan and Prince Harry's collective net worth is probably still in flux since leaving the royal family but ramping up their own endeavors, it's safe to say they're still millionaires and can spend money however they see fit.