Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Continue To Confuse Fans About Their Relationship Status

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's relationship timeline can get a bit hard to follow. The couple married in 2006, and have seen several lows throughout their union. In November 2021, a source for E! News exclusively reported that the marriage was over, with Spelling "planning to file [for divorce] very soon." When the end is in sight, it's typical for a story to have a few plot twists — but now, it almost seems as though Spelling and McDermott are gearing up for a sequel.

There certainly seemed to be signs that things were on the rocks, with Spelling sharing a 2021 Christmas card on Instagram that featured her family sans McDermott. She also shared a Father's Day post that shouted out her friends Lance Bass and Michael Turchin, but neglected to acknowledge her husband.

Still, for those not looking to believe the rumors, there was plenty of evidence to the contrary. In a May Instagram Story (via Page Six), the couple's son shared a video of his parents sitting together in a pub. Now, Spelling and McDermott have made another public joint appearance, creating more clues and confusion for fans.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott threw a party together

As you would expect, Tori Spelling's reality show, "@Home With Tori," has given fans a close look into Spelling's family life. It has introduced even more speculation into the status of the star's relationship with Dean McDermott, as his appearances on the series have seemed very lovey-dovey. In a teaser for a July 2022 episode, McDermott is heard committing to Spelling, "You're so cute, babe."

Now, in a recent preview shared with Us Weekly, it's clear that McDermott's feature on the series wasn't a one-time thing. According to the outlet, the show features the family prepping for a "Christmas in July" party, with McDermott seeming perfectly jolly. "Ho, ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas everyone," the actor says, while decked out in Santa gear.

While the Christmas collaboration may seem like a good sign for the relationship, the pair may just be keeping up appearances. "Tori believes a divorce would label her as a failure," a source told Us Weekly amid their marital woes back in 2018. "She is more concerned with perception than her own relationship."