Does My Ex Really Want Me Back Quiz

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    How often do you communicate with your ex?

    • Not often, but when they contact me they’re very enthusiastic
    • Frequently – we chat with each other almost every day.
    • Sporadically – I contact them, but they hardly ever contact me.
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    Which of these best match the way your ex has described you to other people?

    • The one that got away
    • One of my exes
    • A great person who I was lucky to be with at the time
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    Is your ex ever jealous of your dating life now?

    • Yes, but not excessively
    • No – we talk about our dating life openly
    • Yes – much more so than when we were together, surprisingly
    • Sometimes, but not always
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    Is your ex dating other people?

    • Yes – they have a steady partner now
    • They say they aren’t, but I know they are
    • I think they’re dating, but I’m not sure because they won’t tell me
    • No
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    When you see your ex, do they touch you?

    • Sometimes – it depends on the situation.
    • Yes – they embrace me as though we’re still together
    • No, if anything, they maintain a respectful distance
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    Do you communicate via social media with your ex?

    • Sometimes they like my photos, but we’re not connected otherwise
    • No – we agreed to disconnect our social media when we split
    • Yes – we stayed connected even after we split
    • Yes – though we initially unfriended each other, we soon reconnected
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    Do you still have items of theirs at your place?

    • Yes
    • No
    • No – they took everything when we broke up
    • Yes – they’ve asked me to return them but I haven’t yet
    • Yes – and they sometimes talk about getting the items from me, but haven’t yet
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    Do your mutual friends say your ex talks about getting back with you?

    • The only thing my friends tell me is to stay away from my ex
    • No
    • Yes – I’ve heard it from a few friends
    • Yes – but I think they’re just guessing
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    Has your ex said breaking up was a mistake?

    • No – they seemed happy at first about the break-up
    • No – but I think they miss our relationship
    • Yes – they didn’t want to break up in the first place
    • Yes – but didn’t say so until after we broke up
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    How long did it take you two to start talking again after the break-up?

    • We still haven’t talked
    • We never stopped talking
    • It was pretty soon afterward
    • It was a long time before we started talking again
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    What are the odds that it’s YOU who wants your ex back?

    • High
    • Maybe
    • Low
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    Has your ex brought up the possibility of you two getting back together?

    • Yes, but they seem to bring it up every so often.
    • No – but they’re still a big part of my life
    • Yes – frequently

Written by Charles Emmanuel

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